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Prepare Your Car for the Long Weekend in May with Ripley's Auto

May, 2024
As the long weekend in May approaches, families across Alliston and beyond are eagerly planning road trips to kick off the summer season. Whether you're heading to the cottage, exploring the great outdoors, or visiting loved ones, ensuring your vehicle is ready for the journey is paramount for a smooth and safe adventure. At Ripley's Auto, located conveniently at 29 King Street in Alliston, our team is dedicated to helping you prepare your car for the road ahead.

Time To Book Your Seasonal Tire Change Over

November 16, 2023
As the seasons change, so should your tires. Switching from summer tires to winter tires is not just a precautionary measure; it's a necessity to ensure your safety and the optimal performance of your vehicle during the colder months. Ripley’s Auto Service, located at 29 King Street South in Alliston, is your go-to destination for a seamless seasonal tire changeover.

Preventative Maintenance Packages & Why They Are Important

April 11, 2021
Regular service on a vehicle is important to keeping your family travels safe. Ripley’s Auto Centre believes that regular maintenance on your vehicle will improve the safety of the vehicle, enhance reliability and performance which can potentially save you money on expensive repairs down the road.

Optimal Time To Switch From Winter Tires To Summer Tires: A Crucial Decision For Safe Driving

April 5, 2024
As the seasons transition and temperatures rise, it's time to consider when to switch from winter tires to summer tires. This crucial decision significantly impacts road safety, vehicle performance, and even insurance coverage. At Ripley's Auto Centre located at 29 King St S in Alliston, we understand the importance of timely tire changes and provide expert guidance to ensure your vehicle is equipped for optimal performance year-round.

Ensure Your Vehicle Will Start On Those Cold Winter Mornings

October 27, 2021
Now that Winter is upon us, we need to ensure your vehicle will start on those cold winter mornings which can cause a strain on the batteries. Don’t wait till you are stranded with a car that wont start, drop by Ripley’s Auto for your Winter Maintenance Check up . Read below some advice from our expert mechanics.

Jump-Start Your Vehicle Into Spring With Ripley’s Auto Service

April 1, 2021
It’s that time of year when the road conditions and temperature remind drivers it’s time to check in on how their vehicles endured the winter. The experts at Ripley’s Auto Service offer their top four seasonal tips to get any vehicle spring and summer ready.